① 100cc Enema (kanchouki)

100cc Enema ¥1,000
This is an essential item for girls to enjoy defecation and anal sex.

② Additional Ropes (tsuika rope)

Additional Ropes ¥1,000
The regular course includes one 10m cotton rope and two 5m ropes in the course content. If you would like to add more, please let us know.

③ Panty takeaway (panty omochikaeri)

Panty takeaway ¥2,000
You can use the panties you bring as props for your play, and you are free to tear them, wet them, or rip them. Of course, you can take them home with you after your play.

④ Panty Hose Violation (pansuto yaburi)

Panty Hose Violation ¥2,000
The pantyhose you bring with you can be used as a prop for play, and you are free to tear them, wet them, or rip them. You can also use them as props and take them home with you after your play.

⑤ Costume Play No Pants Entry (no-pan nyuushitsu)

Costume Play No Pants Entry ¥2,000
Yamato Nadeko will come to you wearing a costume and no pants. You can peek at the secret parts of the shy girls. Touching the girls will be after showering. Please note that some hotels do not allow girls to enter the room wearing the costume

⑥ Mega Vibe (dai-vibe)

Mega Vibe ¥3,000
This is a dildo vibrator that is larger than the vibrators we usually carry. It is visually exciting to see the folds of her flesh expand as she pulls it in and out.

⑦ Immediate Blow Job (soku shaku)

Immediate Blow Job ¥3,000
You can give her a blowjob before she showers and then go straight into play. It is definitely exciting to see her munching on an unwashed Johnson right after meeting him. Recommended for more advanced users who are looking for more of a master-slave relationship.

⑧ Dildo (with sucker)

Dildo (with sucker) ¥3,000
Dual structure with different hardness of the glans and rod! The base is warped, and the moderately hard sao part allows for flexible control of insertion. The tip is made of a soft, pliable material that allows for gentle insertion without placing a burden on the woman. The realistic feeling of insertion is irresistible! It comes with a suction cup, so it can be used in the cowgirl position or back, as you like.

Dildo POV

⑨ Handcuffs (tekase)

Handcuffs  ¥3,000
The hands are free, and the writhing, writhing figure can be raped. This option is also popular as a set with the "(9) Live Video Shooting" option. It comes with a suction cup, so it can be used in the cowgirl position or back, as you like.

⑩ Legcuffs (ashikase)

Legcuffs  ¥3,000
The girls can be watched writhing in agony as they lose the freedom to move their legs. This option is also popular as a set with the "(9) Live Video Shooting" option. It comes with a suction cup, so it can be used in the cowgirl position or back, as you like.

⑪ Eyemask

Eyemask  ¥3,000
By blindfolding them and depriving them of sight, the auditory and skin sensations are doubled. It is especially effective with verbal abuse.

⑫ Dog Collars (kubiwa)

Dog Collars  ¥3,000
You will be provided with a Dog Collars and leash. By making the collared Yamato Nadeko get down on all fours and submit to you, you can experience a greater sense of domination and conquest.

⑬ Bondage cotton rope (men rope)

Bondage cotton rope  ¥3,000
We will bring two 5-meter lengths of cotton rope and a 10-meter length. The rope that takes away your body's freedom and bites into your soft skin is the best part of SM play.

⑭ Mouth gag (saru gutsuwa)

Mouth gag  ¥3,000
We will bring a ball gag type gag. The sight of saliva covered figure flowing down while deprived of freedom of conversation is exactly that of a slave.

⑮ Remote-controlled vibrator entry (with panty)

Remote-controlled vibrator entry (with panty)  ¥3,000
This is a rotor-type vibrator that can be remotely controlled with a remote control. The sudden vibration stimulates the groin and leads to a maximum level of excitement.

⑯ Electric nipple clips (dendouchikubi clip)

Electric nipple clips  ¥3,000
By pinching and vibrating the sensitive nipples, you will feel a numbing sensation throughout your body. Combine it with an eye mask for even more excitement!

⑰ Anal plug

Anal plug ¥3,000
It is inserted slowly and over time to dilate the anus. It is also recommended as foreplay for anal fucking.

⑱ The Hitachi (denma)

The Hitachi ¥3,000
This is the lethal weapon of fun with a Yamato Nadeshiko, which brings a woman to orgasm many times at once with its strong vibrations. This is the most popular No.1 option.

⑲ The Hitachi attachment (G-spot)

The Hitachi  attachment (G-spot) ¥3,000
The puckered tip is exactly shaped to stimulate the G-spot intensively. In addition, the warts cover the entire area, doubling the stimulation. And of course, it comes with a brush for the clitoris! Powerful vibrations target the G-spot! *If you use this option, you need to use "⑱ The Hitachi" separately.

The Hitachi attachment POV

⑳ The Hitachi attachment (Pussy)

The Hitachi  attachment (Pussy) ¥3,000
"This item is made in the motif of a vibrator for two-point stimulation of the vagina and clitoris! The entire vagina is enveloped in a zinging pleasure. The glans with a maximum diameter of 4.0cm is very attractive! The intense unevenness of the body makes the piston feel great! *If you use this option, you need to use "⑱ The Hitachi" separately."

The Hitachi attachment POV

㉑ Hemp rope 2ropes (asanawa)

Hemp rope 2ropes ¥5,000
You will have two ropes (7m) made of hemp thread. This is an essential item for advanced users who are looking for more authentic bondage play.

㉒ Bondage tape

Bondage tape ¥5,000
The tape uses static electricity without using any adhesive material, so it does not stick to hair and leaves no residue after adhesion, and can be used over and over again! Please enjoy using it for various purposes such as shackles and fetters. Anyone can easily enjoy SM play♪♪ *We will provide you with one tape (one-time disposable) of approximately 18m length.

Bondage tape POV

㉓ Nose hook

Nose hook ¥5,000
By suspending the nostrils, eliciting a woman's sense of shame, and undermining her pride, it transforms her from a woman into a female and leads her to pleasure according to her instincts and desires. It leads them to pleasure according to their instincts and desires.

㉔ Bukkake (ganmen hassha)

Bukkake ¥5,000
"Bukkake" is a well-known Japanese Porno movie. Please pour cum on your face as much as you can at the end.

㉕ Vaginoscope (kusuko)

Vaginoscope ¥5,000
It is a medical device to observe the inside of the female genitalia. You can enjoy observing the inside of a woman's vagina while verbally torturing her.

㉖ Anal beads (anal pearl)

Anal beads ¥5,000
It is an anal torture device with a series of beads. By slowly inserting and removing the beads, the beads stimulate the folds of the anus, creating pleasure.

㉗ Laundry shears 10pcs (sentaku basami)

Laundry shears 10pcs ¥5,000
We will bring 10 wooden clothespins. You will enjoy how pain turns into pleasure by plucking up sensitive places such as nipples.

㉘ Anal Sex (AF)

Anal Sex ¥10,000
This is a pseudo-production act in which anal penetration provides pleasure that far surpasses that of sex.After gently relaxing the girl's asshole, please put on a condom and experience the ultimate in tightness.

Anal Sex (AF) POV

㉙ Irrumatio

Irrumatio ¥10,000
While standing on the nioi position, the woman's head is held down and forced to suck deep into her throat.The face of the woman sobbing on the verge of suffocation is a peak excitement play for men who love to blame.

㉚ Fig Enema 2pcs (ichijiku kanchou)

Fig Enema 2pcs ¥10,000
We will bring two fig-shaped enemas filled with glycerin solution.Compared to a regular hot water enema, the sight of writhing in agony from a sudden attack of bowel movements is recommended for more excretory maniacs.

㉛ Yoghurt enema (yoghurt kanchou)

Yoghurt enema ¥10,000
Yogurt is used as an enema instead of hot water, etc. We will bring 1 bottle of 1L drink type or 1 pack of 500cc solid type. The more dense white liquid that spurts out noisily from the asshole is recommended for enema maniacs. Please boil the yogurt in hot water to the temperature of human skin before playing. If it is a solid type, dissolve it in hot water before giving an enema.

㉜ Candleplay (rousoku play)

Candleplay ¥10,000
We will bring one low-temperature candle and a plastic sheet. Watching her writhing against the heat of the candle hanging on her body is the very essence of SM play! Please apply lotion to the area where the candle is to be hung beforehand, so that it can be easily removed later.

㉝ Semen drinking (in-zarmen)

Semen drinking ¥10,000
The master's cum is swallowed after the oral cumshot, which further builds the master-slave relationship. Please enjoy the look of intoxicated ecstasy on the face of Yamato Nadeshiko when she swallows it.

㉞ Pubic shaving (teimou)

Pubic shaving ¥10,000
We will bring a safe razor and shaving cream. Shaving the pubic hair of a Yamato caress to a smooth shave stimulates a sense of shame, and the hairless genitals make the excitement level even higher.

㉟ Urine shot in the face (nyou gansya)

Urine shot in the face ¥15,000
By urinating on a woman's face in the bathroom, you can experience a more exciting sense of conquest. This option cannot be done over the head. You cannot force a girl to drink urine.

㊱ Urination (in nyou)

Urination ¥20,000
This is the best conquest play where you can urinate on a woman's mouth in the bathroom and make her drink it. This option is not available in a cup or other container.

㊲ Private smartphone video recording (face to face)

Private smartphone video recording (face to face)  ¥30,000
You can easily take pictures and videos of women writhing in agony anytime, anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Why don't you take this opportunity to collect your favorite Yamato Nadeshiko through the realistic and private images that only a smartphone can provide! This option allows you to enjoy filming with the girl's face uncovered. Only one piece of equipment can be used to shoot with a smartphone, and a second or larger piece of equipment cannot be used additionally. If you are using the "㊳ Live Video Shooting Option", you can use an additional smartphone for an additional fee of 10,000 yen per smartphone.

Private smartphone video recording (face to face) POV

㊳ Live Video Shooting (AV-Namadori)

Live Video Shooting ¥45,000
We take pictures and videos of the woman writhing in agony during play, and you can take the pictures and videos home to watch at home.This option allows you to enjoy the photos and videos while the girl's face is still visible.

㊴ Additional equipment (AV-Namadori tsuikakizai)

Live Video Shooting (Additional equipment) ¥10,000
The fee for the "㊳ Live Video Shooting Option" includes up to one piece of equipment for either photography, video, or both. Smartphone photography is also included in the fee for one unit of equipment.